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Do you know who you are?

Family Tree Investigation Service

Researching your Family Tree

  • The Problem: Researching your family ancestry can be time consuming, stressful and very frustrating as you attempt to identify unknown and long-forgotten ancestors.
  • The Issues: Where and how do you start? Which search sites should you use? Where will you get the best results? And of most importance – how do you confirm the accuracy of any information you may discover? After all, a person with the right name, in the right place and at the right time may not necessarily be your ancestor. So where could you turn if you get stuck?
  • The Solution: Take the hassle and inconvenience out of family tree research and let treeSEARCH undertake the ancestral investigative work on your behalf.

   treeSEARCH can help!

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Discover the Who, Where &
When of your
Family Ancestry

treeSEARCH can help you discover your family history - where your ancestors lived, how the various branches of your family developed over time and place, and to perhaps even find a famous ancestor!

Or, as is more likely, to discover a previously unknown skeleton or two rattling around in a long-forgotten closet!


The more information about your ancestry provided to treeSEARCH at the outset, the more likely a positive result can be achieved.


A no cost/no obligation review will then assist treeSEARCH to determine the likely success of further, more detailed research.



As no two investigations are ever the same, treeSEARCH will always discuss your requirements prior to continuing the research.

Everything you need to know in one easy to understand Genealogy Report

If the original question was ‘Do you know who you are?’ then the Genealogy Report provides the answer!

The Report provides a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the results of our research, and includes family trees illustrating your paternal and/or maternal ancestries; details, by generation, of your descendants, peers and ancestors; occupations; places of residence and significant dates (such as birth, christening, marriage and death).

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Meet Stephen Braid

“Researching a family tree is much like detective work – following clues to confirm names, dates and places, generation by generation, eliminating red herrings as you go, until, hopefully, you are left with just the facts. 

It’s never straightforward – and that’s the challenge.”

One of my friends has an interest in his past, so we commissioned treeSEARCH to research his ancestry. 
Unknown to me, his family had researched their genealogy some years ago
and managed to get back around 6 generations. 

A few hours with treeSEARCH and 10 generations back was achieved. My friend was amazed! 

(Phil B, Auckland)



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  • Detailed Genealogy Report
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