Family PhotoResearching your family’s genealogy can be time consuming, stressful and very frustrating as you attempt to identify unknown or long-forgotten ancestors. Where and how do you start your research? How do you confirm the accuracy of any information you may discover? How do you then document the results to share with your family?

Remove the hassle, inconvenience and uncertainty and let treeSEARCH investigate and document your family tree on your behalf.

Discover the Who, When & Where of Your Ancestry

CompasstreeSEARCH can help you discover your family history – where your ancestors lived and how the various branches of your family developed over time and place. 

Perhaps even find a famous ancestor, or (more likely) discover a previously unknown skeleton or two rattling around in a long-forgotten closet!

The treeSEARCH Process


Obtain and collate your known ancestral information from the Client Information Document to determine where and how best to begin the research.


Investigate using global web sites (including search sites, family record databases, etc.) to gather and extend your ancestral information.


Prepare your Genealogy Report, which, together with supporting documentation, will evidence the results of the research.

Everything You Need to Know: the Genealogy Report

If the original question was ‘Do you know who you are?’, then the Genealogy Report is the answer!

The report, presented in soft copy format ready to be printed and bound, provides a detailed analysis of the research results:

  • Family trees illustrating paternal and/or maternal ancestry;Genealogy Report
  • Details, by generation, of your descendants, peers and ancestors;
  • Occupations;
  • Places of residence:
  • Key dates and places.

Meet Stephen Braid

Stephen Braid copy

“Researching a family tree is much like detective work – following clues to confirm names, dates and places, generation by generation, accounting for and eliminating false leads as you go, until, hopefully, you are left with just the facts. It’s never straightforward, but it is ultimately very rewarding.”

Stephen is located near Brisbane, Australia

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