Genealogy Research

Hit the Wall?


treeSEARCH can help researchers when they find themselves stuck (or up against the proverbial brick wall). So here are a few tips.

Let’s say you’ve found records for 2 or 3 people with the same name and birth year – how do you determine which one (if any) is your ancestor? The first thing to do is to trace each person through census records, and match the names with their families – this may provide a link with other known people in your family tree. Check occupations as shown in census records against a marriage certificate, for example. Check names of other members of the same family to again try and find matching links with known information.

Unable to find a birth record? In the UK, the registration of births was not made compulsory until 1875 – so look for parish records as well (if they are available). Always bear in mind that the name shown on a census may not be the same name as the birth record – sometimes a middle name was used, or a different version of the same name (Elizabeth/Bess/Liza; Helen/Ellen/Ellie; Jack/John; Mary/Maria, for example).

Can’t find an ancestor in the census or in electoral rolls? Check spellings and/or search using spelling variations, or search for parents, spouse or children.

The secret is to cross-reference your research as much as possible using the available information. If all else fails, treeSEARCH will be very happy to help!

Access the Contact tab to send an enquiry message to treeSEARCH.


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