Genealogy Research

Kissing Cousins

One of the more interesting occurrences you might find in a family tree is that of inter-marriage between relations, particularly cousins. This is a more common event than you might suspect, although usually the marriages are between more distant cousins, since in many places, a marriage between first cousins is either illegal or severely frowned upon (depending on your social status, of course!).

The classic example of such a marriage is that between Victoria (Queen of England) and the Prince Consort, Albert.

Victoria Hanover and Albert of Saxe Coburg Gotha and their (many) children

Victoria HANOVER, born in 1819, married Albert of SAXE COBURG GOTHA (also born in 1819) in London in 1840.

Victoria’s parents were Edward HANOVER and Victoria of SAXE COBURG SAALFELD.

Albert’s parents were Ernest of SAXE COBURG GOTHA and Louise of SAXE GOTHA ALTENBURG.

Victoria and Louise were sisters; so Victoria and Albert were first cousins – their respective mothers-in-law were also their aunts.

Inter-marriage is extremely common within royal houses – if you were to create a family tree for the English Royal Family, that single family tree would include all of the royal houses of Europe as far back as Charlemagne (742- 814)!

Discovering such relationships within your own tree can come as a surprise – as you are always working backwards through the generations, you may not realise that such a connection exists until a familiar name pops up when researching an earlier generation.


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