Genealogy Research

Need to Document Your Family Tree?

Many websites will allow you (for a fee) to build your family tree on-line. But once you have completed your tree, how do you then enable the content to be seen by your family members as a properly documented archive?

The answer is the Genealogy Report.

treeSEARCH can use the gedcom (GEnealogical Data COMmunication) file that can be generated and exported from your tree’s host website and from it create a lasting, easily-understood document outlining your family history.

The Report includes the following information in a clearly-presented, logical format:

  • Paternal and maternal family trees (direct line);
  • A detailed listing of everyone in your tree by generation (whether descendant, peer or ancestor), which includes key highlights (such as dates of birth, marriage and death, residence and occupation);
  • Individual group family trees;
  • Fully indexed and cross-referenced to show the relationship of each person to the Home person.

For more information, please use the Contact tab to send an email to treeSEARCH.




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