Genealogy Research

Tip of the Month

Keep Notes, Keep Notes, Keep Notes

This point cannot be stressed enough!

Whenever you come across a record that may or may not pertain to the person or ancestral line that you are researching, and of which you are unsure, try always to do two things:

Download-Computer-512Download and save the image (if there is one) to a Research Notes folder, and name it so that it is easier to find in the future. It may also be a good idea to Bookmark the site for future reference.


KNoteseep a note (whether old style pen and paper, or on your computer) of where you found the record (full website address, for example) and to whom it may refer (and why) within your research.


This is so important – there is nothing more frustrating for a researcher than remembering that you saw something somewhere, but can no longer recall where.

Nine times out of ten, the record will not be relevant to your research – but it’s the other 10% that you need to allow for.



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