Genealogy Research

Never Worry About Asking For Help

For anyone just starting to research their family tree, it can be a very daunting prospect. There are many important questions that need to be answered, even before you begin:

  • Where do you look?
  • Which websites should you use?
  • Should you join any of the web-based genealogy research services?
  • If so, which?
  • How should you organise your research activity?
  • How will you know if someone you find is truly an ancestor?

Then, once your search is underway, you have to determine how you are going to record your results and then document them so they can be shared with other family members.

None of these are easy questions, and there are no simple answers.


However, treeSEARCH is only too happy to provide advice and guidance, whether you’re beginning your research, have questions about where to go next, or have got stuck.

This advice is provided at no charge (we like to help!).

And if you find it all too hard (and believe me, many do), treeSEARCH can always undertake the investigative work for you (and for this, of course, we do charge!).

In any event, please feel free to contact treeSEARCH – we’re always pleased to hear from fellow researchers.



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