I wish to advise that I am delighted with the work recently undertaken on my behalf by treeSEARCH. They were extremely helpful and regularly gave me an up-date on progress. It is a real pleasure to have the various branches of my family set out in such an accurate and orderly format. The Genealogy Report will now become a treasured part of our family history. I would certainly recommend treeSEARCH to anyone interested in tracing their family genealogy.
Anita J, Waikato

I asked treeSEARCH to locate the grave of my great uncle, who was killed in Europe during WWI. To achieve that treeSEARCH needed to find more detail about my ancestors in order to properly identify my relative. Not only did treeSEARCH supply a detailed genealogy of my family, but also located the cemetery (in Belgium), a plot map and even provided directions! ​Visiting my great uncle’s grave was one of the highlights of out European trip, and it was treeSEARCH that made it possible. Many thanks.
Lynette H, Waikato

treeSEARCH did a magnificent job with my family tree, discovering ancestors back to early times. I am very grateful for the detail provided and have no hesitation in recommending treeSEARCH to anyone wanting to know more about their past.
Colin R, Thames

We are delighted to express our appreciation for the work carried out by treeSEARCH into our family genealogy. Little was known about our families’ history prior to their arrival in New Zealand from the northern hemisphere. Stories that had been passed down through generations proved to be far from the reality found as the result of your research. Many thanks for opening our eyes to the past.
Lew & Moira M, Tauranga

Just a short note to say how pleased I am with your work on my family tree.
The documentation provided is easy to follow, detailed and, most importantly, accurate. I have spent many enjoyable hours studying the names and birthplaces of my ancestors and see your work as a valuable investment for future generations.
Brenda M, Auckland

My Dad left home when I was just 14 and never really spoke of his upbringing in England. treeSEARCH shed light on a whole side of my family that I knew nothing about, not just going back generations, but also provided a whole host of living relatives to make contact with. The level of detail was truly astonishing. Further, one of my friends has an interest in his past, so we also commissioned treeSEARCH to research his ancestry. Unknown to me, his family had researched their genealogy some years ago and managed to get back around 6 generations. A few hours with treeSEARCH and 10 generations back was achieved. My friend was amazed!
Phil B, Auckland

I contacted treeSEARCH to get me over the brick wall I had come up against. Well treeSEARCH broke down the wall and produced unexpected results. treeSEARCH took me back three further generations and filled in a lot of gaps in my earlier research. I previously had two pages of family genealogy – I now have sixty plus. treeSEARCH has been money well spent and I would recommend them to any researcher.
Donald M, Auckland