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The original question was ‘Do you know who you are?’

The answer is the Genealogy Report!

Tree-BookOnce the investigation has been completed, treeSEARCH will prepare your Genealogy Report and collate any additional copy documents obtained during the research process.

All documentation will be supplied in electronic (pdf) format.

The Genealogy Report will include the following ancestral information:

  • Family trees illustrating direct paternal and/or maternal ancestries;
  • Full details, by generation, of descendants, peers and ancestors, including relationships, dates and places of birth, marriage and death (as applicable);
  • Occupations;
  • Places of residence;
  • Other significant dates/details;
  • Individual family group trees;
  • Fully indexed and cross-referenced.

To enable you to maintain your family tree into the future, a GEDCOM file (GEnealogical Data COMmunication – a file format used to transfer data between different genealogy applications) can also be supplied. The file will contain all of the researched ancestral information.

Alternatively, treeSEARCH can provide a Genealogy Report based on a GEDCOM file sourced from a family tree you have already researched and maintain on line.

Extract from a Genealogy Reportextract-from-genealogy-report-e1512354551989.png