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Whether you’re looking to create a complete family tree (including both paternal and maternal ancestries), want to follow an individual ancestral line, or anything in between, the process will always commence with a Review.

You will be asked to complete a Client Information Document – to view a copy, click here (the document will open in a new tab).

This will enable ​treeSEARCH to carry out a comprehensive analysis of your known genealogy to determine the best avenues to follow for further research.

Note that the Review is completed at no cost or obligation.

Tree-SeedlingGrowing a New Tree

To ensure a successful investigation, treeSEARCH needs a starting point.

As many online records are no more recent than 80 – 100 years ago (to protect the privacy of people who may still be living), you will need to provide as much known family information as possible to enable the search to begin: preferably to at least the generation of your grandparents.

Mature TreeNurturing an Existing Tree

All researchers have ‘hit the wall’ at some stage – arrived at a position where it seems no amount of searching can properly identify a specific ancestor.

Many years of experience means that treeSEARCH can find alternative search avenues and methods. So if you find yourself stuck, treeSEARCH may be able to assist.

You may also want to extend the scope of your existing family tree by following previously unexplored ancestral lines. Again, treeSEARCH can help.